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Configuration Manager is a complete management suite for client devices in a corporate environment. SCCM is used to manage 2 of 3 desktops in the world within enterprises. Pretty incredible stat with so much competition. Some of the primary features include:

- Operating System Deployment - Fully automated solution to deploy Windows operating systems to server and client machines.

- Patch Management - SCCM provides the ability to patch Microsoft products, third party applications, and hardware specific drivers.

- Applications - Software can now be created with a built in GUI of SCCM. No more need for repackaging tools. Software in the “Applications” node can now be packaged with multiple lines of script execution. In addition, global conditions, rules and requirements can be specified as a prerequisite before the software would be installed.



- Software Request/Delivery - The software center gives the ability for the end-user to install approved corporate software on their machine. The new Application Catalog feature allows the user to see what is available to the enterprise, and request it, allowing a manager or administrator to approve or deny the request.

- Desired Configuration Management - This feature deploys global settings or configurations, and can remediate WMI, Registry, and other settings if they are non-compliant. This feature reduces the time of machines staying out of compliance.

- User-Centric Management (User Device Affinity) - Software distributions can now be targeted to users and or devices. Targeting software delivery to users or groups of users will effectively assist with license management. This is because users can only install software that is designated to their primary device, and then they will be unable to logon and install their software on another machine.

- Remote tools - SCCM provides the ability to remote control a client machine from the administration console

- Role Based Administration - Easily assign access to certain administration as it pertains to their scope in SCCM

- Reporting - With hundreds of canned reports, SQL reporting services along with report builder gives the flexibility to create live reports to meet any requirements.