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Windows 7 Migrations

Between an uncertain economy and the relatively low rate of adoption for Windows Vista, it has been a long time since many organizations have executed an aggressive enterprise-wide operating system migration. However, a new dynamic is now manifesting itself. Windows 7 offers a compelling value proposition to organizations; with the looming end of life of Windows XP, a change seems even more imminent. Indeed, a growing chorus of analysts and market forecasters expect to see a significant surge in OS migration activity to bridge the capacity gaps that have developed over the past few years. For more than 20 years, CompuCom has remained on the cutting edge of operating system developments. We offer consulting and integration services to enterprises like yours who seek to migrate smoothly and efficiently into the more productive Windows 7 environment. Our migration services leverage our Integrated Infrastructure Management (IIM™) framework to deliver technology and process transformation and improvements in IT infrastructure maturity to support your business goals.


IIM leverages ITIL® best practices to:

Get a clear picture of your enterprise’s current OS state
Assess your organization’s specific needs
Define a migration strategy that will reduce operational costs, improve system performance, and enhance security
Contact us today. Our consultants will walk your enterprise through each step of the migration lifecycle, including:

Test Application Compatibility
Pilot Deployment