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When you choose IanWalkerGroup as your IT solutions partner, you will discover what so many global enterprises have already discovered—the power of certainty. Our team of experts at IanWalkerGroup delivers IT your way. Our clients show their consistent faith in us because they know that we believe: It’s all about you! Our continued rapid growth is a testament to the certainty our clients experience every day. We are a dedicated team with considerable experience of business and technical operations in public sector and commercial organizations.From requirement gathering to IT infrastructure strategy, we provide a full range of consultancy services and support to help take the hassles out of your IT projects. We add real value to global organizations through domain expertise plus solutions with proven success in the field and world-class service.

We specialize in
IT Application Specification: When you have trouble finding out what you are looking for, before turning to a tailored solution, have a word with us to find out how to minimize the risks and get the best out of a new project.

IT Management and Support:We help you explore the available options, give you the flexibility to manage it yourself or ask a supplier to do it for you. We ensure the right strategy is in place that fits the goals of your organization. Our team of consultants is readily available to see where we can help.
IT Procurement:We help you find the right supplier, provide guidance in asking them the right questions, so that you don’t compare oranges for apples. We can be as discreet or as involved as per your need.

That is how we keep you moving forward.

Our unique ITSM strategy blends your data center, network, voice, and end user computing environments in an innovative fashion. This radically simplifies your IT, allowing you to focus on growing your business and serving your customers. We are highly regarded by worldwide and regional organizations alike for our pragmatic approach, best practices, and highly skilled workforce. This balance provides the perfect alternative to address the evolving challenges facing you, today and in the future. More than a trusted advisor, IanWalkerGroup is your trusted doer.
We impart value to our clients by incorporating international standards, real-world experience and a practical approach to ITIL best practices. Our Integrated Infrastructure Management (IIM™) framework provides the foundation for delivering the industry’s most cost-effective IT consulting, integration and managed services. Headquartered in Toronto, Ottawa, we serve our clients globally via our certified delivery centers, as well as through our alliances with leading international service delivery providers. Our service delivery associates are well trained and certified so they can provide an objective, external guidance and impartial advice to our clients quickly, accurately and thoroughly, in a variety of technical and business areas.